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    BoomBit Group

    We are an international mobile game developer and publisher with teams all over the world. We create games from all major mobile genres, including Hyper-Casual, Casual, and Mid-Core projects.

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  • Hunt rolaye mobile game
    Hunt rolaye mobile game

    Hunt Royale

    Jump into Hunt Royale to compete with other players in intense PvE battles. Hunt monsters, explore dungeons, and create your own Clan in this deep, mobile action RPG.

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  • BoomBit - good place to work Great place to work
    BoomBit - good place to work Great place to work

    Great Place to Work Certification

    In November 2020, we decided to take part in the Great Place to Work research. We're so proud to be on the list of the companies that are certified by Great Place to Work! That means our people are satisfied with being a part of the BoomBit family and they plan their future with the company. We're so happy about that!

  • Boombit top mobile games developer
    Boombit top mobile games developer

    BoomBit Group financial results for H1 2022

    BoomBit, top mobile games developer and publisher, summarizes H1 2022

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Boombit about

We are an international mobile game developer and publisher with teams all over the world. At BoomBit we create games from all major mobile genres, including Hyper-Casual, Casual, and Mid-Core projects. Our goal is to combine a developer-friendly environment focused on creativity with data-driven decision making. BoomBit is one of the largest game companies in Poland, employing specialists from diverse fields, such as, development, business intelligence, design, and user acquisition.


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Boombit in numbers

BoomBit in numbers

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    270+ people in the BoomBit Group
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    25 games published in 2021
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    over 1.3B downloads
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    over 215M downloads in 2022
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    4 platforms iOS, Android, Switch, Steam

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Join our team

People are the most important component of BoomBit. A positive working environment, be it at the office or remotely, enhances knowledge sharing and creativity. We do our best to provide our teams with the tools they need to make their vision a reality.

Marcin Olejarz, CEO BoomBit

The production office is responsible for cooperation with external dev teams.

Production office specialists manage the communication with developers and introduce them step-by-step into stages of testing and distribution.

They also facilitate communication with other specialized teams across BoomBit, so that our partners always know what is happening with their project at each phase of development.

The Tech Department creates and expands internal company technologies, so that BoomBit can quickly introduce external projects into our internal developer environments.

They also solve all current issues, update our technologies, and introduce new, innovative solutions. Thanks to their efforts, our external partners can focus on the creative side of game development.

The Art team is responsible for supporting production teams with graphic assets and designs. Their flexible structure allows quick deployment of our specialists where they are most needed.

Among the responsibilities of the Art department are the creation of 3D and 2D art assets, interfaces, style consultation, as well as the development of promotional materials for the whole group.

Our internal video editing and artist teams create game marketing assets in accordance to current market trends.

In cooperation with the User Acquisition team, they test the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and then modify scenarios for new assets. Thanks to this communication, our ad campaigns are always efficient and updated.

Apart from that, the Games Creatives team works with a dedicated ASO team to keep the digital stores of our games updated, so that they reflect the current state of our projects.

When an external team is ready to show their game to the world, our User Acquisition team guarantees that it will be seen by the right audience.

User Acquisition specialists monitor the efficiency of marketing campaigns in different networks all around the world on a continuous basis.

Direct communication with production teams and the Games Creatives department means that our User Acquisition specialists are able to use internal UA management dashboards to provide constant and efficient marketing operations.

The Business Intelligence department is the true brain of operations at the BoomBit Group. It is here where our state-of-the-art solutions are created. We use these solutions to make countless decisions, from the selection of ideas to develop, through the development of products and the optimization of User Acquisition operations.

Thanks to the Business Intelligence team, the BoomBit Group is at the forefront of data analysis through our innovative solutions.

The Ads team is responsible for the proper display of video advertisements in our mobile games.

Among their tasks are optimization of ad waterfalls, constant co-operation with the User Acquisition department on new monetization solutions, as well as searching for new partners in the ads area.