About us

BoomBit is one of the world’s largest mobile game publisher. We focus on game production and publishing. We were established as a mobile game developer in 2012 in the UK, and currently have strong presence in the US, China, United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Poland with over 250 employees worldwide.


As the BoomBit Group we have developed over 500 games for various app stores around the world. Our most notable games so far are Dancing Line (Game of the Year by Google Play 2017 award in Korea) produced in partnership with Cheetah Mobile, Darts Club, Tiny Gladiators and Build A Bridge (Most Innovative Game by Google Play 2017).


We are a game developer and a publisher. Our experience in self publishing let us successfully bring other teams' games to the market and help them grow. On June 29 2018, iTunes wrote a Sneak Peak article about our shift into mid-core games with our published game, Tanks a Lot!, developed by HighCore Labs. At launch the game secured a Hero Banner on iTunes and featured on Google Play that converted into 3 million downloads over the first month. And we are just getting started!


Growth isn't only garnering a feature or spending money, growth also means to build relevant meta around a great game. We have over 40 people on the team focused on business intelligence, user acqusition, analytics, meta UI/UX, store conversions, live-ops and more.

Hannibal Soares - Co-CEO/Founder
Co-Founder of BoomBit and Play With Games - a BoomBit Group company. Spent over 10 years in the finance industry concluding as Head of the Euro Bond Desk for a large International Brokerage Firm in London. Hannibal is currently serving as Executive Director of the BoomBit Group.
Marcin Olejarz - Co-CEO/Founder
An expert in game development, a pioneer in the Polish and Global game industry, Marcin is the co-founder of BoomBit and BoomBit Group companies - Aidem Media and Play with Games. He is currently serving as Executive Director of BoomBit Group.
Kathee Chimowitz – CRO
Kathee's career began at CNET in 1999, a global pioneer of in-game and online advertising. She led teams at GameSpot, Youtube, RockYou, Chartboost. An indie games judge of ~3K games a year, and a speaker at events including a panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference 2018.
Jan Chichlowski - CEO of MindSense Games
Responsible for publishing Premium games under BoomBit's subsidiary MindSenseGames. Jan led the team to acquire boxing IP-Rocky from Hollywood producer MGM. Real Boxing franchise reached top positions on global ranking with over 60M downloads.
Michał Bujko - Business Development Manager
Michał's business development background reaches back to 2015 when he helped build the Fuero Games studio nearly from scratch. Before that he worked at Gameloft, Techland and Vivid Games and ran production teams for titles like "Despicable Me: Minion Rush" and "Real Boxing".
Michał Kowal - Head of Production
Michał is one of the BoomBit veterans. As a producer and main project manager he developed and published over 30 games. Currently managing all internal and external production teams.

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