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About BoomBit

BoomBit is a mobile game developer and publisher with over 320 people on board. Apart from our internal development teams, BoomBit also includes specialized teams in such areas as Art, Design, Business Intelligence, Games Creatives, User Acquisition, and Data Analysis.

We work closely together and learn from each other, then pass this knowledge to external development teams from all over the world. The mobile market has no boundaries, so our reach is global.

BoomBit created such global hits as Ramp Car Jumping, Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sports, Tiny Gladiators, Darts Club, and Hunt Royale.

BoomBit mobile game publisher

our values

  • Work together

    Without cooperation there are no games. We work together, share knowledge, and help each other out. We constantly talk about all of the aspects of mobile game development: from ideation to game validation and development, up to and including marketing campaigns.

  • Be flexible

    In the ever changing market conditions, we do our best to work as flexibly as possible. This pertains to all aspects of our work: development and testing processes, work methods, and internally-developed tools.

  • Grow and adapt

    We constantly evolve, in the same manner as the devices we make games for.

    This is not limited to a constant expansion of our game genre portfolio, but also touches our data analysis Business Intelligence solutions, internal development management tools, and creation of marketing assets.

over 183 milion downloads in 2023
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    350+ people onboard
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    189 games published from 2021
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    almost 1.7B downloads
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    4 platforms

Our history

  • 1997
    Founding of Aidem Media and release of the first educational game
  • 2005
    Producing educational shows and interactive DVDs, as well as board games
  • 2010
    ATM Grupa investment
  • 2011
    Launch of the first mobile game
  • 2012
    Co-opeartion with Play With Games and BoomBit
  • 2016
    Strategic partnership with Cheetah of Tencent Group
  • 2017
    Global release of critically-acclaimed games Dancing Line, Tiny Gladiators, Build a Bridge
  • 2018
    Launch of the Capital Group and expansion of BoomBit
  • 2019
    Stock market debut - initial public offering
  • 2021
    One billion game downloads record breakthough

For years the BoomBit internal development teams have been creating new games. Now we are looking for new projects and partners.

As a mobile company, we are at the forefront of data-driven game development, internal tool expansion, and user acquisition optimization.

Marcin Olejarz, CEO-BoomBit S.A.

Marcin Olejarz, CEO BoomBit

BoomBit on WSE

BoomBit S.A. is an international developer and publisher of mobile games and one of the largest Polish companies in the industry. It operates on the global market, producing free-to-play (F2P) games for iOS, Android, as well as Nintendo Switch platforms.

Founded in 2010, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since May 2019.

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Management Team

  • Marcin Olejarz, CEO BoomBit

    Marcin Olejarz

    CEO, BoomBit S.A.

    An expert in the development of mobile games and a pioneer on the Polish and global market. Co-founder of Aidem Media and Play With Games, companies which are part of the BoomBit group. In the course of his career Marcin Olejarz gained management skills in the mobile games segment, knowledge of marketing strategies, financial management and copyrights. Responsible for operations at the BoomBit group.

  • Hannibal Soares, DEPUTY CEO CO-FOUNDER

    Hannibal Soares

    Deputy CEO, Co-founder

    Co-founder of Play With Games and BoomBit Ltd., companies which are part of the BoomBit group. Spent over a decade working in the financial sector, ending his career as Euro Bond Desk department director at a large international brokerage in London. In charge of marketing and business development at the BoomBit Group.

  • Marek Pertkiewicz CFO, BOOMBIT S.A.

    Marek Pertkiewicz

    CFO, BoomBit S.A.

    In the course of his career Marek Pertkiewicz has acquired experience in developing and implementing financial and management reporting processes, as well as tax policies. He supervised the area of financial liquidity management, participated in raising debt financing, IPO processes and optimisation projects in companies and capital groups. Certified auditor. Responsible for finance matters at the BoomBit Group.