BoomBit Group revenue in March 2021

Investor news
6 April 2021
  • Historical record month in terms of Revenue and Revenue Less UA & platform fees.
  • Total game revenue: 20.5M PLN (+69% m/m)
  • Total game revenue less UA & platform fees: 7.6M PLN (+40% m/m)
  • Successful new releases: Shoe Race and Hunt Royale

In March 2021 the BoomBit Group revenue less UA & platform fees was around 7.6M PLN compared to around 5.4M PLN in February 2021 (+40% month to month).

The total BoomBit Group revenue from games reached around 20.5M PLN (+69% m/m) in March. Marketing costs were around 11.9M PLN (+95% m/m) while platform fees were 1M PLN (+71% m/m).

The substantial revenue increase in March can be attributed to the increasingly good results of the existing games portfolio and two successful new releases. A hyper-casual game “Shoe Race”, launched on March 16th followed by the global release of a midcore title “Hunt Royale” on March 26th.

Shoe Race has become a worldwide hit since its release, reaching the 1st place on free-to-play game rankings in 5 countries (including USA and Germany) and entering the Top 10 charts in over 20 countries (including Canada, Poland, France, and the UK). Currently the game is Top 20 on the App Store and Top 10 on Google Play in the USA. Total downloads for “Shoe Race” in March were close to 2M. The game was developed by Cappuccino in cooperation with the BoomHits publishing team.

After its release on March 26th, Hunt Royale was featured in the “New Games We Love” section of the App Store in multiple countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Canada & Australia. To date, the game received over 200,000 installs and is currently being scaled worldwide. “Hunt Royale” was not yet a significant contributor to BoomBit’s record March results due to his recent release date and it’s current marketing scaling phase which will pay off in future months.

The total number of downloads for the BoomBit Group in March 2021 was around 16M.

A historical record breaking month along with two very successful game releases in March proved that our optimistic forecasts for 2021 were not unfounded. I am especially happy that we have managed to achieve success with both a hyper-casual game “Shoe Race” as well as a GaaS game “Hunt Royale”. It shows that we are able to publish new highly-popular games in both of those genres and generate a satisfying revenue in return.

Another fantastic achievement is the fact that our new external publishing team focused on hyper- casual games managed to find worldwide success in less than a year. Shoe Race was one of our Top Three most successful hyper-casual games in terms of revenue, behind Slingshot Stunt Driver and Bike Jump, despite being on the market for only 2 weeks.

At the same time Hunt Royale managed to generate revenue comparable to our most successful GaaS game – Darts Club and it’s latest KPI’s are among some of the best we have ever hadsays Hannibal Soares, Vice-President of BoomBit S.A.

In March 2021 there was a significant increase in revenue from the most important games of the existing BoomBit portfolio. In the hyper-casual segment Slingshot Stunt Driver revenue increased two- fold month-to-month, while Bike Jump revenue increased by 25% m/m, and Base Jump Wingsuit Gliding revenue increased by 30%. In the midcore (GaaS) segment Dart Club revenue increased by 30% m/m. This was made possible by the increase in scale and reach of our marketing campaigns with the use of our own Internal BI tools.

April will be the first full month to show the total effect of our new games in our revenue. The March results prove yet again, that our success is not dependent on new releases only – we have very strong hyper-casual games in our portfolio, including Slingshot Stunt Driver and Bike Jump which were both released over 9 month ago, which have been giving us sustainable revenue for many months, and a well-established midcore games portfolio with Darts Club and Archery Club. We expect that all of those elements combined will allow us to remain at a higher revenue level. And there are off course other releases on the horizonsums up Marcin Olejarz, President of BoomBit S.A.