BoomBit Group revenue in November 2021

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6 December 2021
  • Revenue from games: USD 5.19M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: USD 2.03M
  • Top 3 games: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, High School Popular Girls
  • Hunt Royale released on Facebook Cloud





Revenue from games




Platform fees




User Acquisition




Revenue less UA & platform fees





In November 2021 revenue from games of the BoomBit Group amounted to USD 5.19M (-5% m/m). Revenue less UA & platform fees increased to USD 2.03M (+3% m/m) and the total number of downloads for the BoomBit Group in November was 16.7M. Compared to the previous month, the Group had lower User Acquisition costs USD 2.84M (-10% m/m) and platform fees at USD 0.32M (-5% m/m).

”Another month with revenues above USD 5M confirms the effectiveness of our strategy, which we consistently implement, which translates into a stable level of revenues. We have a strong portfolio of games supplemented with new titles prepared by all three areas of activity. Games released in recent months, such as High School Popular Girls or Jump into the Plane, are doing well and are earning in line with our expectations. Currently, there are several dozen titles in the testing phase and publishing prospects look promising”– says Marcin Olejarz, Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A. – “We want to develop the BoomBit Group, therefore, in addition to intensive work on new games, we are also looking to diversify revenues from our well-known titles that are popular among players around the world. We are testing new distribution platforms and decided to release Hunt Royale on Facebook Cloud. This platform is available only in the US for now, but we hope that it may be a new, interesting revenue channel, especially after adding more markets, including Western Europe” – adds Marcin Olejarz.
November was the seventh month this year in which revenue from games exceeded USD 5M, and the most popular titles were: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, High School Popular Girls, Construction Ramp Jumping and Kiss in Public.

Revenues from Hyper-Casual games, which mainly come from ads displayed during the game, amounted to USD 2.9M in November. The Group plans to release in the coming weeks more games of this genre, prepared by all three business pillars: internal development, BoomHits and joint venture companies. The preparation of the next Mid-Core game, this time with a sports theme, is to be completed in the first months of 2022.

The BoomBit Group is constantly looking for new opportunities for development and diversification of revenues. Games released in previous months are being tested on new platforms, an example of which is the release of Hunt Royale on Facebook Cloud.