Bridge Builder Adventure comes to the Nintendo Switch!

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11 February 2020

BoomBit takes one of its biggest hits to a new platform with Bridge Builder Adventure – a fresh take on a popular puzzle genre with enough charm and style to draw any gaming fan into its challenges.

Bridge Builder Adventure takes the basic mechanics of BoomBit’s other highly successful and innovative title – Build a Bridge – to twist, turn, and improve them. The result is a puzzle game that combines seemingly unfitting elements – construction, fantasy, and adventure – into something truly unique.

The Nintendo Switch version of Bridge Builder Adventure aims to be the ultimate version of the game. To achieve this goal it has been expanded and improved with:

Bridge Builder Adventure is available on the Nintendo Switch as a premium title with all content and features available to unlock through gameplay.

Bridge Builder Adventure comes to the Nintendo Switch on February 7th. 

Click to watch the trailer for Bridge Builder Adventure on the Nintendo Switch: