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Our values

  • Flexibillity

    We are flexible as to working hours, remote work, task commitment, and decisions. Our foundation is based on trust and open-mindedness. Thanks to our flexibility, many of our important processes can be performed much faster than in more traditional companies. Our flexibility allows us to act and react much quicker to business and market changes.

  • Knowledge sharing

    Our support of each other in the workplace is of enormous value to our company's success. That support can happen during the onboarding process or task delegation - even during small talk in the kitchen. We offer in-house knowledge sharing through our Boombit internal system. Our company's professionals represent BoomBit at the most popular game dev conferences.

  • Data driven

    Our production path is based on data analysis, backed up by a myriad of technical processes. All decisions regarding our products are always supported by deep data observation.

What we offer

  • Private medical healthcare

  • Work tools

  • Office in Gdańsk

  • Remote work

  • Direct communication

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Fun

  • People

  • International team

  • Nice perks and gadgets

  • Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Certification

In November 2020, we decided to take part in our first the Great Place to Work research. We’re so proud to be on the list of the companies that are certified by Great Place to Work! That means our people are satisfied with being a part of the BoomBit family and they plan their future with the company. We’re so happy about that! However, we don’t stop with improvements at all! We want to be better and better every day, that’s why we listen all the time, looking to make changes for the better for all of our people. We continue this process and we take part in the resource in the next years!

Great place to work

Knowledge sharing

Having knowledge is the first step to be a professional. The next step is showing this knowledge to the others and making it easy to understand. And that is what we do! Joining BoomBit is joining the group of the most professional people in the mobile game dev world, who are ready to give you the whole secret knowledge that they have, and to others externally during the conferences and meetups. Want more? If you feel like you’re created to be a mentor, we can support you from the very beginning, and give you an opportunity to write your articles, or to stand on the stage with microphone for the first time!

Something more than business

In our opinion, good cooperation requires good personal retations to be fully 100% successful! We love to meet up and have fun! We play games, share memes and photos, or just talk to the end of night! For the braver ones, we also have a karaoke group and a soccer team!

No offer for you?

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