Growth strategy

Investor Relations / About Group

The Company’s capital group (“Group”), striving to increase the value of the Company, constantly analyzes the current trends of the mobile games market in order to use its resources and competences to adapt the publishing plan to the dynamically changing preferences of players.

Considering the above, the Group plans to continue publishing games in the Game as a Service formula, both from its own production teams and external developers, as well as games in the Game as a Product formula using its experience of an industry leader in the Driving Simulator and Bridge subgenres, generating stable cash flows to the Group.

At the same time, the Group recognizes the potential for its further development in the field of hyper-casual games, confirmed by the significant dynamics of revenue growth from this genre in recent months. Thanks to the flexible structure of development teams, the Group is able to dynamically allocate its resources to projects in which it sees the greatest revenue potential. Considering the above, the Group decided to significantly increase its involvement in the production and marketing of hyper-casual games. The Group assumes that this will result in a significant increase in the share of advertising revenue in the total revenue structure.

In addition, the Group considers further diversification of revenue sources by adapting games previously released by the Company and the Group companies on iOS and Android platforms to new platforms.

The broad competencies of the Company and Group teams of specialists in the field of production, marketing, and analysis of game monetization allow the Group to react flexibly and adapt its activities to current market conditions. The production and publishing plans of the Company and the Group will be subject to continuous updates; within the next 1-2 years, however, the Group plans to:

  • Launch 3-6 new games annually in the Game as a Service formula,
  • Continue to intensively increase its hyper-casual games portfolio.