Supervisory Board

Investor Relations / Management

Karolina Szablewska-Olejarz – President of the Supervisory Board
Co-founder of Aidem Media, a part of BoomBit group and one of key people responsible for group’s development for the past 20 years. An expert in the fields of management and marketing. In the course of her career she developed a network of business contacts in the video game industry and gained the experience in managing mobile video games companies. “Puls Biznesu” daily woman of the year in 2016. Karolina Szablewska-Olejarz also serves as member of the Audit Committee.

Jacek Markowski – Supervisory Board Member
A lawyer and a member of the Pomeranian Bar Chamber in Gdansk, a WPiA graduate at the Warsaw University. A graduate in Legal Sciences at the University of Gdansk. An author of a number of scientific publications on legal aspects of computer game development and e-sport. Specializes in legal services for the creative industry.

Wojciech Napiórkowski – Supervisory Board Member
In the course of his professional career Wojciech Napiórkowski worked at various financial institutions, including private equity and mutual funds. Initially employed as a specialist, subsequently promoted as a director and deputy CEO responsible for all aspects of the investment policy at the funds under his management. At present serves as supervisory board member at several WSE-listed companies. Wojciech Napiórkowski is an independent Supervisory Board Member, he also serves as President of the Audit Committee.

Szymon Okoń – Supervisory Board Member
A legal counsel and a Doctor of Laws, a Doctor in Economics with a specialization in finances. A partner at Kancelaria Spaczyński, Szczepaniak i Wspólnicy Sp.k. and a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics. His main specializations include M&A, legal and financial aspects of the capital markets and finances and banking. Szymon Okoń is an independent member of the Supervisory Board and serves as a Member of the Audit Committee.

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