Senior Game Designer

We look forward to having you join our team! Take a look at our job offer and see if you're ready to apply! Don't hesitate to leave a contact, even if you are not 100% sure so we can contact you in the future.

Hybrid/Remote Working

our requirements

  • Five+ years in the field of game design or related experience

  • Degree in game design or a related field is preferred

  • Proven track record of delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds expectations

  • Demonstrated leadership skills, including the ability to mentor and develop team members

  • Expert knowledge of UI/UX principles, game metrics, and the game development process

  • Advanced spreadsheet skills for comprehensive data analysis and presentation

  • Proficient in English (spoken and written)

  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel or Google Sheets

  • Working knowledge of game engines (Unity) and scripting (C#) is a plus

  • An understanding of SQL for data querying and analysis is a plus

your responsibilities

  • Lead in the creation, development, and iteration of game concepts and mechanics

  • Independently design, implement, and balance complex gameplay features and game economies

  • Drive brainstorming sessions, fostering creativity and innovative problem-solving

  • Research, understand, and apply cutting-edge industry trends to game design

  • Test, iterate, and optimize game designs based on player feedback and data

  • Document and communicate design decisions and game mechanics clearly for the team and stakeholders

  • Analyze player data to inform strategic design decisions

  • Mentor and lead junior and mid-level game designers, fostering growth and learning

  • Liaise with cross-functional teams to ensure coherence in game design and alignment with overall business objectives

  • Analyze and interpret A/B testing data to drive game design adjustments

  • Oversee and advise on UI/UX design strategies for optimal player experience

  • Strategize and implement advanced game monetization techniques

process recruitment

  • Apply

    You will first need to fill out a short form. Please send along your most recent and updated resume. Let us know about your most important skills that relate to the position for which you are applying.

  • Invitation

    We'll contact you just right after we check if your profile fits to our job offer!

  • Talk with recruiter and Team Manager

    The next step is a talk with a representative of the HR team and a manager of the team that you apply to. This is also the time that you can ask anything you want regarding the company culture, responsibilities, team that you join, or formalities. We also have a couple of questions for you regarding your technical skills, experience or projects.

  • Technical task (optional)

    Depending on the process and needs, occasionally we will ask you to solve a short technical task. This happens mostly in case of the graphic designer process, user acquisition and business intelligence roles. You can ask about your case directly during your first contact with BoomBit HR team.

  • Offer

    When your recruitment process is successfully done, we'll contact you directly with a proposition of the offer. We hope that you will agree to the offer and its terms so that you can join our team as soon as possible!

offer what we

  • Private medical healthcare

  • Work tools

  • Office in Gdańsk

  • Remote work

  • Direct communication

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Fun

  • People

  • International team

  • Nice perks and gadgets

  • Great Place to Work