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  • Hunt Royale


    A mix of an online RPG and MOBA. Choose from 40 varied characters, each offering a unique spin on gameplay, and compete against others in PvE and PvP game modes. The game offers an engaging progression system that allows the player to level up their favorite characters with every match. It allows for taking part in online matches and a variety of special events. All of that is topped off with a unique voxel-based graphical style.

  • Dog Life Simulator


    Something for those who love animals! What separates Dog Life Simulator from other similar games is the point of view. The game isn’t only about taking care of a virtual pet, it’s about seeing the world from its point of view! Discover the world anew and build a new kind of bond with your virtual dog. The game is enjoyable for the youngest and a bit older players.

  • Falling Art


    How beautiful it is to fall. Especially when it concerns a 3D model and doesn’t have any negative consequences in real life. Falling Art allows you to unchain your imagination and craziness. Throw a bunch of cool looking characters from huge heights! How will it end? You will only discover that by playing!

  • Darts Club


    An online darts game with a collectible twist. Winning matches against people from around the world, the player unlocks new darts elements to use in subsequent matches. Using them, they advance in leagues and get the opportunity to compete against more and more capable opponents. Gameplay takes part in a variety of unique arenas. For additional excitement the game runs unique special events.

  • Car Driving School Simulator


    A driving game that puts realism and learning true rules of the road to its forefront. It offers eight varied maps, taking inspiration from different places around the world that are put to life thanks to the dynamic weather system. Each one of them gives players access to a number of missions and challenges to complete in 28 exciting cars. In addition to that, the game offers an online multiplayer mode.

  • Crazy Plane Landing


    How difficult is it to land a plane in demanding conditions? Crazy Plane Landing answers this questions with a wink. It’s not about realism or replicating actual challenges of piloting a plane – it’s about fun and explosive crashes! A plethora of flying machines to discover along with fascinating locales to (try to) land them in. What happens next? That is up to the player.

  • Hyper Survive 3D


    A survival game that lets you feel like the last man on Earth. Are you ready to put your skills and inventiveness to the test and try to survive a zombie apocalypse? See for yourself! Gather resources, expand your camp, upgrade your weapons, and prepare for the worst. Only the most determined will be able to survive and make their mark on history!

  • Cargo Truck Parking


    Is there something more demanding and important than driving a huge truck, responsible for delivering good across vast distances? Yes! Parking such a truck! Maneuver with utmost care to fit into a designated parking space. No one says it’s going to be easy. But how good it feels after it works out!

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