Our VP Publishing on the future of hyper-casual

BoomBit News
16 October 2020

Jon Hook, VP Publishing BoomBit, recently took part in the AppTopia podcast Somewhat Mobile. In the episode called Keeping it Casual he shared his views on the future of hyper-casual games.

In his conversation with Adam Blacker and Madeline Lenahan from AppTopia, Jon Hook touched a number of topics relevant to the hyper-casual market. He talked about the myth of hybrid-casual games, gave his take on the future of the market and weighed in on idle games.

Jon also talked about BoomBit’s publishing strategy and how it differs from its competitors. He also shared his advice for devs looking for a publisher.

You can find the link to the podcast below. We thoroughly recommend that you have a listen!

Jon Hook on Keeping it casual – listen here