Senior Video Editor

We look forward to having you join our team! Take a look at our job offer and see if you're ready to apply! Don't hesitate to leave a contact, even if you are not 100% sure so we can contact you in the future.

Hybrid/Remote Working

our requirements

  • Video Editing Mastery: You bring a portfolio showcasing at least five years of impressive work in video editing.

  • Motion Graphics Expertise: Your proficiency in creating compelling motion graphics speaks volumes.

  • Design Insight: A keen understanding of aesthetic principles, coupled with a finger on the pulse of promotional video design trends.

  • Collaboration & Feedback: A team player who aligns with project expectations, upholds video editing best practices, and engages constructively with feedback.

  • Problem-solving Prowess: Demonstrated ability to maintain a high standard of work while independently navigating challenges.

  • Adobe Suite Proficiency: Mastery in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Photoshop is crucial.

  • Time Management: Exceptional skills in managing time efficiently and effectively.

  • Organizational Excellence: A knack for structuring tasks and responsibilities seamlessly.

  • Clear Communicator: Articulate in conveying ideas and receptive to others, with advanced English skills (at least B2 level)

your responsibilities

  • Motion Design: Take ownership and independently bring motion design visions to life.

  • Promotion Through Video: Craft videos that amplify the excitement around our mobile games.

  • Ideation: Play an active role in brainstorming and shaping the video narratives.

  • Campaign Creativity: Design and champion innovative video campaigns that resonate.

  • Industry Awareness: Stay informed and adapt to the evolving trends and best practices in gaming.

  • Asset Enhancement: Continuously refine and optimize our video assets for the best user experience.

process recruitment

  • Apply

    You will first need to fill out a short form. Please send along your most recent and updated resume. Let us know about your most important skills that relate to the position for which you are applying.

  • Invitation

    We'll contact you just right after we check if your profile fits to our job offer!

  • Talk with recruiter and Team Manager

    The next step is a talk with a representative of the HR team and a manager of the team that you apply to. This is also the time that you can ask anything you want regarding the company culture, responsibilities, team that you join, or formalities. We also have a couple of questions for you regarding your technical skills, experience or projects.

  • Technical task (optional)

    Depending on the process and needs, occasionally we will ask you to solve a short technical task. This happens mostly in case of the graphic designer process, user acquisition and business intelligence roles. You can ask about your case directly during your first contact with BoomBit HR team.

  • Offer

    When your recruitment process is successfully done, we'll contact you directly with a proposition of the offer. We hope that you will agree to the offer and its terms so that you can join our team as soon as possible!

offer what we

  • Private medical healthcare

  • Work tools

  • Office in Gdańsk

  • Remote work

  • Direct communication

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Fun

  • People

  • International team

  • Nice perks and gadgets

  • Great Place to Work