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“are fun and pleasantly challenging. Awesome brain food!!!”


Watch the showreel

Bike Jump.

Hyper Casual

It is completely beautiful, something I have been searching for a long time... Nothing better than a little speed!

David Islasx

Car Mechanic.

Hyper Casual

Very good game, great graphics and great gameplay

Gabriel Donatti

Cooking Festival.

Casual / Strategy

It’s kid-friendly, it helps you learn how to cook and it is very entertaining. Download the app, it’s really fun!


Car Crusher.


This game is great, we have lots of cars, trucks, even a boat, a train, a helicopter, a map with lava, I highly recommend it.

nathan f

Will It Shred?.


Simple and fun as well as relaxing. It helps me with my anxiety and nerves!

bobby lindsay

Stunt Truck Jumping.


Great game. Incredibly difficult to complete the whole thing, which makes it all the more rewarding when you finally finish it. One of the best games I have played.

Jeremy Lawson

Ramp Car Jumping.


I love it! Definitely my style and I'm sure others would love too, as it's very satisfying, fun, and challenging.

Ruben Builes

Archery Club.

Online Sports

I love the game, good graphics, very fluid movement, beautiful sound effects... It deserves 5 stars!

Alejandrø Gødøy

Mighty Heroes.

Card game

It is already one of the best card games on the market. I hope it gets even better with updates! Keep it up!

Justin Förster

Idle Coffee Corp.

Simulation / Strategy

“This game is so fun! I had to go to sleep last night but my baristas kept making money!”

Xx_pheonix _xX

Tiny Gladiators 2.

Arcade / RPG

"THIS GAME IS REALLY GOOD. I just started playing and it’s already really good. It’s balanced it’s entertaining it’s addicting. I think you guys really improved over [Tiny Gladiators] 1"


Tanks A Lot!

Real Time Multiplayer Battle Arena

"My favorite competitive game ever! I just love it! Wanted to play something similar for so long! and finally [a] beautiful and super dynamic game arrived! Tanks a lot guys!"


Darts Club.

Online Sports

Absolutely my favorite gaming app. Competitive but fun. Skill is at play but also accessible. Variety of game modes. Excellent app!!!


Tiny Gladiators.

Arcade / RPG

"I absolutely love this game. The graphics are amazing. The gameplay [is] fantastic. The controls are great... I absolutely love this game 100%. Keep up the great work Developers."

A Google user

Build a Bridge!


Google Play Most Inovative Game 2017 – Winner.

"It is so good I recommend play this [game]. I can't get my eyes off this game"


Driving School.


"I have become addicted to this game. I love playing it everyday when I get the chance. The cars are spectacular... The maps are beautiful... Thank you for this game."


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